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Infobyte LLC. founded in 2001, providing specialized services in offensive security, is the first company providing Red Team Services in Latin America. By using real attack scenarios where the physical security and the IT infrastructure of our clients is put to the test.

Our specialists who have several years of experience in the industry are speakers in the most respected security conferences like BlackHat, Defcon, BlueHat, Shakacon, Troppers.
In order to provide cutting edge services, Research and Development is the backbone of our company, Our last research was evilgrade a modular framework that allows a user to take advantage of poor upgrade implementations (+63 modules including Java, Skype, Itunes, Safari, VMware, MacOS, Microsoft) by injecting fake updates.

On 2013 we released Faraday the first Multiuser Penetration IDE. Designed for distributing, indexation and analysis of the generated knowledge during the engagement of a penetration test. The main purpose of Faraday is to re-use the tools available in the community to get more advantage from them in a multiuser way.

Founder and organizer of ekoparty (Electronic KnockOut Party) the biggest security conference in Latin america, where each year more that 1500 professionals gather for 3 days to discuss the state of art in security. Aditionally during the previous days of the conference, several specialized trainings are given, where the best specialists train the security professionals of leading organizations.

Francisco Amato - Chief Executive Officer
Federico Kirschbaum - Chief Technology Officer
Ezequiel Rapoport - Vice President of Sales

Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity.

ekoparty Security Conference

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